Time Place Event
4000BC Nomadic hunters make and use flint flake weapons in Marsh Benham by the River Kennet
1086 3 Benham Manors are mentioned in the Domesday Book
1079 Earliest record of Stockcross village which was gifted by the Lord of the Manor to Priory Aufay
1251 King Henry 111 granted Benahm Valence to William de Valence who died in 1296 and is buried in Westminster Abbey.
1575 Elizabeth 1 award Benham Manor to John Baptiste Castillion
1630 Benham Manor Sold to the Trustees of Sir William Craven
26 Oct 1644 During the 2nd Battle of Newbury, the   Parliamentary Army made a flanking movement through Wickham Heath and other areas near Stockcross
1775 Benham Manor built to lavish standards for 6th Lord Craven and his wife Lady Elizabeth
1799 Benham Manor house bought by Margrave of Anspach (formerly Lady Elizabeth) and became a magnet to "high society".
1828 Benham house inherited by Sir Richard Kippel
1830 Stockcross Village School opened
1835 Wesleyan Chapel erected
1839 St John's Church Stockcross was consecrated paid for entirely by the Rev Majendie
1844 Stockcross became a parish in its on right.
1847 Great Western Railway line was completed through Marsh Benham
1862 Benham House purchased by Sir Richard Sutton which caused considerable change in Stockcross.
1866 Sir Richard Sutton's horse Lord Lyon wins the Triple Crown
1871 Local parishioners raised £70 for a memorial window to William Henry Majendie.
1875 Working Men's Club Room opened paid for by Sir Richard Sutton
1882-1899 Marsh Benham Methodist Chapel in use
1898 Stockcross and Bagnor Railway Station platform was built by the Valley Railway
1908 Stockcross School has 143 pupils
1909 Water was first piped straight into village homes.
Sept 1914 First evacuee pupils for Stockcross School arrived
1922 Public subscription raised the funds for the Memorial Chapel in St John's church Stockcross
1927 Working Men's Club was extended and a stage added funded by Sutton Trustees and became known as Sutton Hall
1932 Stockcross Bowling Club opened in the ground the Vicarage now Stockcross House
1933 The chancel screen designed by the architect Ninian Comper was installed at St. John's Stockcross
1944 Benham Estate and grounds taken over by the military, 3000 troops camped there in preparation for the invasion of Europe.
1957 The Nags Head public house renamed The Lord Lyon
1960 Last regular passenger trains travel the Lambourn Valley line
1964 New school opens in Stockcross
1965 Last freight traffic on the Lambourn Valley line.
1973 First Icicle Meeting for hot air balloons at Marsh Benham
1983 Benham House sold to Norsk Data
2002 First meeting of STOCC Stockcross 2 0'clock Crowd
2003 Last game played at Stockcross Bowling Green
2009 The rector Reverend Nigel Sands retired after serving 39 years 1980 - 2009
? First Issue of The Grapevine Stockcross and surrounds magazine
? First Stockcross village Pantomime performed