Stockcross House – The Old Vicarage

Grade 2 Listed building entry no 1220889

Stockcross House, previously the vicarage, was built in 1859 by order of the first Vicar of Stockcross the Reverend John Adams.

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The written specification dated March 1859 gives a detailed description of the works to be undertaken but does not contain the architect’s details. The builder submitting the specification is George Adey & Son of Newbury who quoted a figure of £995 to complete the job.

Throughout the document there is mention of ‘the old house’. It clearly indicates the existence of a previous house probably built around the same time as the church for use by the Speen Curates.

There are 12 different trades required to do the necessary work: excavator, bricklayer, slater, mason, carpenter, joiner, plumber, plasterer, smith and ironmonger, glazier, painter & stanier and lastly bell hanger.

You can read the transcript of the works specification by clicking here.

As can be seen in the original draft contract the house was due to be completed in September 1859 and looking at the 1861 census it seems the Vicar, his wife and nine month old son were enjoying their new home.

Improvements were made to the vicarage as detailed in the specification dated July 1867. Click here to read a transcription.The architect’s signature is that of Thomas Hillyer. He lived and worked in Ryde where he was responsible for the design of several churches. He also designed various houses, schools and churches in Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Kent and Yorkshire. Maybe he was responsible for the original design of the house.

According to the accounts George Adey & Son from Newbury again did most of the work and at a little over the original estimate.

The last Vicar to live in Stockcross Vicarage was the Reverend Geoffrey Marsh. When he left the Parish the Bishop of Oxford, under the Parsonages Measure 1938, gave notice dated 2nd September 1980 of the intention to sell “the Rectory and its grounds with the exception of the bowling green”. The sale was completed in 1981 and the house and grounds are now privately owned.

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