Women’s Clothing Club

The first record we have of the Women's Clothing Club is found in the back of the Coal Club book. Here, in the year 1875, 23 names are listed with 2 women being paid out early, the other records show 2s.2d paid in per woman. Similarly in 1876 32 names show 2s.2d paid in with 2 women dropping out. No other information has been found so we don't know if they got a bonus in these two years. With 1877 as an exception, where there were 48 names in the club, the membership averaged in the middle 20s from 1875 for the next ten or more years. However numbers were much higher during the later half of the 80's and the 90's. A comparison with the other clubs to see if the pattern was the same would be interesting.

Unlike the Coal and Shoe clubs the amounts paid in by the members was not a standard amount ranging from 7 shillings to 15 shillings however it would appear that everyone who saved for the whole year was rewarded with a bonus of 2/6d each.