Stockcross Bowls Club

The bowling club was formed in 1932 after the Reverend Campbell Douglas had offered the use of his lawn as a green.

Mr H C Sutton was elected as the first president and membership fees were set at 2/6d (12½p).

The President, Vicar and Club Chairman each lent the club £5 to fund the re-laying of the turf and the new green was opened for the 1933 season.

Originally the Vicar, having given up his lawn, had intended that the club be restricted to Stockcross residents. However in July 1933 it was agreed that if the playing membership was less than 20 then members’ friends from outside the village could be considered to fill any vacancies.

It was not until around 1954 that ladies were invited to become members.

Also in 1954 The Ashley Baker League was formed originally consisting of Kintbury, Lambourn and Stockcross Bowling Clubs. 

The vicarage hut had been used for refreshments but by 1962 this was in a poor state of repair and visiting teams were given tea at The Sutton Hall.

In 1979 a growing membership and the fact that the ground and hut were not owned by the club led to a working party being set up to explore the possibility of developing a new green on the Recreation Ground. Permission to use part of the ground for a six rink green was obtained from Speen Parish Council and fundraising to cover the estimated cost of £1800 began. This project was subsequently abandoned after the church authorities retained the existing green when the Rectory was sold in 1981 and the club voted to stay where it was.

A new pavilion was erected in 1982.

The club continued to play in the Ashley Baker League but membership dwindled and the amount of work required to maintain the green proved too much for even the club’s stalwarts to continue and the final end was played in 2003.

SASHA holds a copy of the History of Stockcross Bowls club by Ken Marshall.



The closure of the club made headlines in The Grapevine Newsletter of December 2003. Click on the image to view.