The Gables

The Gables Now Bayford House

We know that The Gables was built by George Elms in 1902 because of the inscription embedded over the front door.

A full description of the original building and grounds  is contained in sale particulars of 1939.

Click for details.  Sale particulars for The Gables at Stockcross 1906

Looking at local directories we can see that Mr & Mrs Percy Sharpe were living in the house from 1903-1906

The 1911 census shows  Mr Edward Bressey, a retired jeweller from London, in residence. He and his family lived in the house until his death in 1936.








The Gables became Bayford House following its sale, we believe to Sir Richard Sutton's Settled Estates, in the late 1930s.

The house was then rented out to a series of private individuals as confirmed by either Kelly's Directories or the Electoral Registers.

1940 to 1947  Norman Bruce Ramsey

1948 to 1949 Unconfirmed

1950 to 1951 Col Albert N &  Mrs Margaret Bankier: Norman & Mable Wild

1951 Also Evelyn Forrest-Forsysth

1952-1953 Unconfirmed

1954-1972 Capt Peter & the Hon Mary Weatherby

1973 Unconfirmed

1974 Ian Jones

1975 - 1979 Unconfirmed

At this point the house was put up for sale and since then has been a nursing home.