BLOG from the Annual General Meeting January 2017


We had a very well attended second Annual General Meeting of SASHA, which included a synopsis of the years happenings. The new Officers were elected and a short discussion followed.

Members were reminded subscription would be due on 1st January 2017 and a renewal form will be sent out to members along with the AGM minutes. The minutes will as normal be put on the members only area of the SASHA website.

Refreshments ended the formal meeting.

An informal discussion followed

  1. Progress with Janey’s Dig archaeology is planned for 2017. One of the proposed talks for 2017 is on Field Walking.
  2.  Typing up the inscription on the various memorial stones has started but this will be a long process. A map detailing the whereabouts of the stones still in place has been made. The first inscription is 1836 at the very inception of the church. The Brown family vault at the far side of the churchyard would be an interesting research project.
  3. The oral project is going well. It was felt that getting the interviews done was of the highest importance. The transcription and editing although very time consuming can be shared out among any interested members.
  4.  4. The dates to make application to Greenham Trust grants are 3rd March and 15th September, at the moment we   don’t have a project needing a grant. We have discussed getting some good quality maps of the SASHA area and this might be an area where we could apply for a grant if they prove costly.
  5. The process of sorting and uploading photographs and other images and information is planned for early in 2017. Some of these images will later go on the SASHA website and a slide presentation created for members to see at a meeting later in the year. The Facebook Stockcross Village page and the Stockcross Remembered page have some interesting images.
  6. A letter to the NWN requesting images and information was suggested.
  7. Selling more of the WW1 book was discussed with EBAY a good place to explore.
  8. An interesting talk on the 15th February by Phil Wood at the West Berks Museum on 17th century Alehouses & Inns was highlighted.
  9. Some members are co operating to answer an email enquiry about G Elms the local Stockcross builder during the late 19century and early 20th century.