BLOG from the A.G.M. of SASHA Monday 29th January 2018


We had a  very well attended  Annual General Meeting of SASHA, which included  a synopsis of 2017 events and projects. The new Officers were elected and a short discussion followed.

Refreshments ended the formal meeting.

An informal discussion followed regarding matters arisen since November and plans for 2018

a) The new owners of a village property has asked SASHA for information. We have given them a couple of contacts.

b) Berkshire WI Federation has requested, from Stockcross and Speen, a report 500/1000 words, for the new version of Berkshire Village Book.

c) SASHA has been contacted to see if we can support a plan for a celebrating 375 years since 1st battle of Newbury.

d) A Member  has replied to an enquiry regarding someone who used to live in the Stockcross

e)  SASHA hopes to gain access to Avington church for an afternoon outing in the summer.

f) Idea for the Stockfest  speaker was pop music of the 50’s 60’s 70’s

g) The Penny Stokes talks has been advanced to 26th March



Plans for 2018

  1.  Typing up the inscription  on the various memorial stones is finished as well as a numbered map of the memorial stones. The suggestion  is  SASHA will produce a information leaflet contain a map of the churchyard and some stories from some of the people buried
  2.  The process of sorting and listing of the huge amount of archive material stored needs to be completed
  3.  A member is starting a project on the history and ages of Stockcross houses. She will   produce a map showing the house numbers in the village. This will be useful to the post office and aid parcel delivery.
  4.  The oral project is going well, 5 people have all been interviewed. Next person someone younger. The transcription and editing is going well.
  5.  Everyone is asked to look out for ways to promote SASHA book during 1918-2018 anniversary.
  6.  A member is planning a history walk for Stockfest.